QF-4E Phantom II, serial # 74-0043, of the 82nd Aerial Targets Squadron (ATRS), 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group (WEG) at Tyndall AFB, FL. Retired from service in the early 1990s by its final operating unit of the 906th Fighter Group, 704th Fighter Squadron of the Air Force Reserves and was based at Bergstrom AFB, TX. It is one of the few to wear an unusual two-toned grey camoflauge applied in the manner shown. This aircraft has been returned to service after being modified into a drone by BAE Systems in Mojave, CA. The jet continues to serve the AF's needs as a full-scale aerial target and will eventually be destroyed by missiles etc. while being flown by a remote operator on the ground. Photographed on 17 Nov. 2008. © 2008 Greg L. Davis, Aviation Photojournalist www.focalplaneimagery.com - Focal Plane Imagery: Aviation Photojournalism by Greg
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