SrA Chris Clark, an HH-60G door-gunner fires a GAU-18/A .50 Cal. machine gun at sunset at Grand Bay aerial gunnery range near Moody AFB, Ga. A tracer round can be seen heading toward the target while three empty shells are visible dropping out below the weapon. Door gunners on HH-60s used to shoot the GAU-2/C Minigun machine gun that fired .223 rounds and was considered an enemy 'suppression' weapon versus the GAU-18/A .50 Cal. which is more robust, lethal and capable penetrating semi-hardened targets. The GAU-18/A .50 Cal. machine gun fires is mounted in the Crewchief/Flight Engineers stations on HH-60s on what is known as the EGMS (external gun mount system). This mounting system allows the USAF to mount either the GAU-2/C Minigun or GAU-18/A .50 Cal. machine gun. Ammo feeds from a 600 round ammo can and fires at 750-850 round per minute using the full variety of ammo designed for the weapon. Photographed on 27 July 2009. © 2009 Greg L. Davis, Aviation Photojournalist. - Focal Plane Imagery: Aviation Photojournalism by Greg
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